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Budget smartwatch recommendations

This is a cheaper alternative for those who want a smartwatch that looks good too. The watch is priced at around 80 dollars and it mimics the Apple Watch in its sleek design and smooth interface. The trans-reflective colour display is not only easy on the eyes but it

Indie game picks of 2019

Accompanied by a big band jazz soundtrack, Ape Out is a top-down beat em up game which lets you play as a Gorilla making its escape from a facility. The game has a really unique art style and the fluid motion makes corridor hopping feel tactile helped on by the bopping soundtrack.

A showcase of young expat talent

Faisal and I wanted to organise a grand event to bring the next generation of Bangladeshis together. The event was planned under the banner of BEST (Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs Society of Talents). It took place on April 6 and amidst the performing arts, problem

Will it fold?

Let’s face it: the smartphone design industry is going through an all-time low now. With no radical design change in the horizon, most of the smartphone manufacturers are playing peek-a-boo with the front camera.

Best options for your digital cow

It’s no surprise that you can take your pick of cattle from online market platforms now. But it is surprising however, the number of places you can look online for buying a cow, goat or bull. Apart from the Facebook groups, you have places like Daraz and alongside other e-commerce sites, just waiting to ship you your choice of sacrifice.

Best budget phones of 2019

Budget phones have gotten better and better over the years. And while this list consists of phones you can get if you’re on a budget, each of these devices have premium features and all-round dependability to boot..

Bite-sized games which pack a punch

Mekorama is a puzzle game and it’s directly inspired from the gorgeous Monument Valley. It’s also free and with an infinitesimal number of user made levels, you can sink hours into this “2.5D” puzzle game. It’s a beautiful looking game and not to mention, it’s free.