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Speaking of Collars

Mastering the right collar for yourself involves understanding the geometry of your face and neck. If you have an oval face, you would want to balance the shape out by wearing a ‘spread out’ collar. Wearing a collar which is long and pointed down would give the impression of an elongated face.

A visit to South Asia’s little Israel

In Kerala sits the idyllic port city of Kochi, the bustling and ever thriving capital and tourism hub of a region famed for beaches, forests, and backwater lagoons. The landscape of Kochi remains scattered with lagoons, far entrenched greenery and places of

Goodbye to idle life

A retired high official from a bank, Md Mahbubul Haq, can often be seen in a hurry to reach his class. He has been attending a short course on Graphic Design for the last three months. “During my long career as a banker, I was never late for my work. So, it is the

Bohemia on your table

Living room décor is no longer the stiff and by the book styling taken off a magazine, but of course, there is a great distinction between a helter-skelter mess and a strategically casual setup.

Of art and muse

But there is more to wall art than just beauty. For starters, art is a universally accepted way of people sharing their thoughts and feelings. It is a unique form of dialogue through which people share ideas and impressions without primarily using spoken language.