Friday 22nd of November 2019 ,  


Multicultural China

Our plane touched down on 14 August, 2019, and the first thing we noticed in China was the heat and humidity, but the most difficult part of the trip has to be the language barrier, as most people were only familiar with their own native tongue.

“Discover Dakshin” at Kurry Accent

South Indian delicacies are well known for their simple but powerful flavours. With this in mind, Kurry Accent will be showcasing iconic delights like Vada, Sambar, Ven Pongal, Uttapa and many more delicious items at their South Indian Food Festival aptly titled “Discover Dakshin.”

The trusty petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is one of those things that can be found in every household. In fact, it is hard to not have some version of a memory of your mum applying it all over your dry skin, or chapped lips, when you were younger. I